Jan 30 2016
Council members – Barney Hartley and Dean Lindsay

The Gerard Community Council is a small, aboriginally controlled local government area located in The Riverland, South Australia.

The community is dependent on the River Murray, with some horticulture and grazing in the district. Traditional crafts are also produced in the community, with part of the community economy derived from the sale of these to tourists.

The Gerard Community Council holds a lease with the Aboriginal Lands Trust for land use and management. All or part of this property is a community living area. Population is approximately 100 with a range of 80 to 150 people. Residents live at one major location on the property.

The Elders and Gerard Aboriginal Community Council are: Barney Lindsay, Hartley Lindsay, Dean Lindsay, Kingsley Abdulla (Chair), Garry Abdulla, Lily Abdulla, Simon Sumner

The Gerard Community Council’s aims and motivations for the management of this property are to

  • Provide a good place to live/recreate;
  • Generate paid work for community members;
  • Develop skills;
  • Commercial enterprise;
  • Restore and maintain cultural heritage and links to the land;
  • Generate some income to cover management costs;
  • Maintain and restore the natural environment;
  • Preserve culture for future generations;
  • Promote self determination/provide economic base;
  • Provide relief from problems associated by substance abuse in towns

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